Optical Engineering...

Let RCOS design your next optical project using ZEMAX. We'll import your custom optical design into SolidWorks for a complete model of optics AND telescope.

A 12.5RC f/5.6 designed and optimized for a Mid Wave (3-5mu) IR camera with a 1 degree FOV.

Our optical design capabilities include:

  • Visible, Near Infrared, Mid-Wave Infrared, Long-Wave Infrared Optical Design Capability
    • Telescope Design
    • Custom Telescopes¬†Designed to Customer Specifications & Requirements
      • Ritchey-Chretien
      • Classical Cassegrain
      • Mersenne (AFocal)
      • Dall-Kirkham
      • Off-Axis Telescope Systems
      • Off-Axis Parabolas
      • Beam Expanders
    • IR Relay Lens Designs Matched to RC Optical System Telescopes and Available IR Sensors
      • MWIR Relay Lens Assemblies
      • LWIR Relay Lens Assemblies
    • Dual Sensor Designs Matched to RC Optical System Telescopes
      • Simultaneous Sensor Capabilities on a Single Telescope Via Dichroic Beam splitter
    • Jitter Correcting Systems Via Fast Steering Mirror Linked to High Speed Tracking System

An RCOS 12.5" Ritchey-Chrétien

An RCOS 16RC f/5 with Infrared Dichroic Beam Splitter and MWIR and LWIR cameras.