RCOS Precision Instrument Rotator - 82mm Series...

Designed specifically for the 10RC through 16RC. Modeled and Engineered in SolidWorks.

82mm diameter clear aperture.
Robotic control with 2007 or newer TCC-II or TIM.
High torque stepper motor with home position indicator.
Step resolution of 1/200th of a degree.
Repeatability of 0.01 degrees.
Accommodates 82mm Field Flattener / Corrector inside (non-rotating) core.
Rotating core has terminating thread pattern fits 82mm diameter FIA Spacers and
a 6-32 tapped hole pattern 6X, on a 3.5 inch BC.
Weighs 6 pounds and uses 2.8125 inches of backfocus.

Price - $2,950

16" f/9 Carbon Truss Ritchey-Chretien with 82mm PIR

The 82mm PIR uses 2.8125 inches of back focus with the 16RC. "Remaining Back Focus" may differ slightly. See your owners manual.