RCOS "Professional Series" Equatorial Fork Mounts...

The Professional Series Equatorial Mounts from RC Optical Systems are high precision sidereal rate tracking systems for the most demanding requirements.  They can also be used with RCOS Commercial LEO Tracker software.

Highlights of these mounts include:

    • Positioning accuracy is sub arc second
    • Slew speeds are an impressive 8 to 15 degrees per second
    • Redundancy and safety features are maintained to the highest standard
    • Precise Polar alignment, based on the latitude of the installation site, so they track through the meridian from horizon to horizon.  This is a distinct feature relative to German-style equatorial mount that has to pirouette around the meridian.

    RCOS Meter Class Equatorial Fork Mount

    Almost 12 feet tall, weighs over 5,500 pounds...

    RCOS Meter Class Equatorial Fork Mount

    ...and slews at 8 degrees per second. See video here.

    RCOS 0.81m Ritchey-Chrétien Telescope and Equatorial Fork Mount.

    Mechanical Features of Equatorial Fork Mount:
    • Direct Drive on each axis.
    • Designed, Engineered, and Modeled using SolidWorks 2010. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on assembly and critical components.
    • 100% CNC machined.
    • Fabricated (and then welded) Carbon Steel Plate Construction.
    • Annealed, then machine bearing bores and critical surfaces.
    • Span between fork arms - 54 inches.
    • "Swing Through" (from Bearing Axle) 34 inches clearance.
    Telescope Control System Features:
    • Multi-Axis Motion Controller Module can be configured to handle from 2 to 8 axes.
    • Controller offers Ethernet connectivity to system Computer (PC).
    • Distributed Control Architecture.
    • Sophisticated motion profiles including PV-spline Interpolation.
    • High speed/high resolution encoder feedback.
    • Following error detection as a cross check against excessive system following error or run away.
    • Digital and Analog I/O capability.
    • Optional Ethernet Based Remote Analog I/O and Digital I/O to allow joystick and/or remote analog inputs to be transmitted to the system over wired Ethernet (optionally on an ST fiber Ethernet connection). Inputs and outputs for discrete devices such as push buttons and annunciators (indicator lights and audible devices) may be serviced via the remote I/O.
    • Intelligent Digital Servo with redundant feedback with axis over current, over speed and following detection.

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