RCOS 20 inch "Ruggedized" Carbon / Nomex Telescope

Twin 20s at Vandenberg AFB on a Photo-Sonics Cine-Sextant Mobile Tracking Mount

Twin 20 inch RCOS "Ruggedized" Carbon / Nomex Ritchey-Chr├ętiens on a Photo-Sonics Cine-Sextant mobile tracking mount at Vandenberg AFB.

Tracking a Boeing 747 at approximately 36,000 feet

March 16, 2006 - High Speed Video of a Boeing 747-200 at approximately 36,000 feet using an RC Optical Systems Military 20RC with a Photo-Sonics DCR655 CMOS Camera imaging at 250 frames per second. This aircraft was acquired and tracked manually using a Cine-Sextant Mobile Tracking Mount. Post processing by Richard Bennion of CCDWare.