Carbon Tube 24 inch f/8 Ritchey-Chrétien...

RCOS 24 inch "Ruggedized" Crbon / Nomex Tube Telescope

RCOS 24 inch f/8 Carbon Tube Telescope. Although this particular model was "Ruggedized" for fast slewing and pointing requirements, a standard carbon (only) tube model is available for astronomical use.

Maui Space Surveillance System and the AEOS 3.6m.

This particular RCOS 24 inch f/8 Carbon Tube Telescope was delivered to the Maui Space Surveillance System (MSSS) in May 2008 to be installed onto the AEOS 3.6m as a finder / guide scope. The AEOS 3.6m is an f/200 and has an extremely narrow field of view.

The AEOS 3.6m is considered to be the World's premier satellite tracker. This 120 ton telescope slews at speeds approaching 20 degrees per second, so a "Ruggedized" design was preferred.

Mass Properties and Dimensions (typical)

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